Sorry Apple, the iPad is just not a productivity tool.

Yes, I might sound crazy, but iPads are not great for productivity. They might have improved over the years, first the apps got more productive. Then they got a keyboard and pencil. Then Apple started releasing ads like this:

Yes, it is all of those, but iPad is trying to appeal to twenty year olds giving their grandma an iPad so they can hand it and say, “You can’t mess this thing up.” and the crazy power users who rely on many tools to get their work done.

You can see this divide in iPadOS. I am still clinging onto my Mac for a few reasons:

  • There are really cool tools on the Mac
  • I can have more freedom in the way I work
  • I need it for Xcode
  • It’s easier to get stuff done
  • They last longer (2016 iPad is barely supported, 2013 ones for the Mac are not)
  • Did I mention cool productivity apps?

My iPad Mini 3 is not supported by iPadOS anymore. I don’t plan to get a new one.